What Love Deserves

Personalized, individualized and compassionate care.


Canine Wellness

The wag, the fur, the spit, what kind of day would it be without some of this doggy-love? Yearly wellness exams help us ensure that your buddy is healthy, pain free and happy! Remember...1 year to us is like 7 to them. Keep in mind, we are on a very busy highway. Always remember to have your dog on a leash when coming to visit us. Read More

Feline Wellness

We know it can be hard to find, catch, wrangle and drive your cat to the vet. Our feline friends often live twice as long as their canine counterparts, they hide illness expertly and are usually wonderful patients. Because of these factors, we would love to see your cat once a year. We will do our very best to make them as comfortable as possible once they hit our front door. Please bring your cat in a carrier when coming to visit us. Read More


We do our best to educate you about the specific health risks and concerns for your pet. Indoor only cats have greatly different requirements from the hunting dog who travels the country. We can educate you to make the best choices possible for your fury family friend. Read More


Maintaining your pet's teeth helps improve their overall health. Our staff is happy to help you assess your pets mouth. In addition to offering professional scaling and polishing, we perform areal surgery when necessary to remove fractured and infected teeth.Read More

Pain Management

Any procedure or injury that is considered painful in humans should be assumed to cause pain in animals and treated appropriately. All routine surgeries, major surgeries and dental procedures, where extractions are expected shall receive pain medicine in their pre-anesthesia.
Patients shall be monitored for signs of pain. Possible signs include:
  • Inability to lie down or rest comfortably
  • Vocalization
  • Head pressing
  • Hunched posture
  • Increased heart rate and panting
Read More